The ExoStep™ was designed with the goal of improving the way people with crouch gait and knee-extension deficiencies walk.

Designed as a gait rehabilitation device for children (adult models will follow), Agilik’s augmented orthosis moves with the wearer, providing dynamic, knee assistance and resistance, when needed during a patient’s gait. This helps patients with crouch gait stand more upright, gain muscle strength, and learn to walk more efficiently and with more independence.

Through the use of advanced sensors and joint motors the ExoStep exoskeleton can measure knee angles and adjust the amount of assistance during specific phases of gait, aiding the user in standing and improving knee extension. During other phases of gait, the orthosis resists against the user’s muscles to help improve strength. The ExoStep is designed to be lighter, easier to doff and don, and more comfortable than other exoskeletons. Rather than being an assist-to-walk device, the ExoStep is a rehab device for improving the user’s gait.

The device provides user gait metrics, including range of motion, maximum flexion and extension angle and speed, as well as utilization tracking (how long, how frequently was the device used), that enables therapists to make informed decisions for the therapy of a patient. Instead of helping patients walk, our goal is to enable them to stand more upright and walk stronger.

Agilik’s solution is designed for use in clinic- and home-based rehabilitation, enabling more frequent and extensive, longer-term training and reinforcement of new gait patterns for the brain (neuroplasticity). The ExoStep exoskeleton is not recommended for all people with cerebral palsy. Patients must be mobile, GMFCS 1-2, with crouch gait. ExoStep is a rehab device and not an assist-to-walk, mobility device.

While ExoStep is not yet available for sale to consumers, we are selling units in limited numbers for research purposes.

We’re focused on making a device with the potential to change the lives of children with crouch gait and knee-extension disorders. It is our intent to make ExoStep significantly less expensive, simpler, lighter and more effective than existing exoskeletons. The ExoStep rehab device is not an incremental improvement but a disruptive device in the field of exoskeletons.

One of the ways we are keeping our product costs down is by licensing tried-and-tested exoskeleton technology developed by Bionic Power. We hold the exclusive, world-wide license to use this technology in medical applications.

ExoStep™ Features

  • Non-invasive rehab solution
  • Customizable for each patient’s changing condition
  • Proven exoskeleton technology
  • Pediatric-specific design (designs for adults planned for the future)
  • Adjustable for growth
  • For clinic and home rehabilitation use

We’ve partnered with the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center to perform ExoStep exoskeleton clinical trials. To learn more, click here.