Strydr™ - A powered orthosis designed to improve crouch gait, often seen in persons with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other knee-extension-deficiency disorders.


Stand taller. Walk stronger.™

Agilik’s purpose is to help patients retain or increase their independence and mobility. This is especially critical in patients with cerebral palsy and spina bifida whose strength and endurance often deteriorate as they get older. Approximately 50% of adolescents with CP who can walk, will be unable to do so in early or middle adulthood.1 Our hope is to stop, or even reverse, this deterioration specifically by reducing crouch gait, increasing extension and strengthening their legs, enabling them to Stand Taller, Walk Stronger.™

The Strydr is designed to be both adjustable and affordable. However, patients will outgrow units, offering an opportunity to benefit others for whom the target price is still too high. Agilik’s intention is to collect and refurbish devices and work with associations, hospitals, and charities to redistribute them to children and families where the need is greatest. 

Agilik™ Strydr™

The Strydr is a lightweight, powered orthosis designed to reduce crouch gait by selectively assisting or resisting knee motion to provide rehabilitative benefit. A clinician prescribes a combination of assistive and resistive torques during training to enhance gait mechanics and build strength and control.

  • Improve range of knee motion during walking
  • Increase walking efficiency and reduce fatigue
  • Rebuild weakened muscles
  • Enhance overall mobility and walking function

(1) Bottos, M. and Gericke, C., Ambulatory capacity in cerebral palsy: prognostic criteria and consequences for intervention. Dev Med Child Neurol, 2003. 45(11): p. 786-90.